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Cubo Smash

Entwickler Floyd Crimson
0.99 usd

<<< Ads free version with an editor! >>>Do you want to destroy the cubes? Easy with this game! With Cubo Smash you can play four different modes:
Will you be able to do a perfect score on all the levels I made for you? I don't think so but you can try and unlock all the levels available and even more to come!
Do you think you can create levels better than me? Hard to say but there is an editor to create your own level! You can save it, delete it, save it, play it and edit it over and over again!
What about let the game create the levels just for us? That's possible if you want to play every time a different level! Just choose the length of the level and the level is ready for you!
Or do you even prefer not to choose the length of the level? Well, just play an endless one then! As you destroy cubes more will be created just to piss you off!
Everyone think it's just a waste of time but I really recommend you to watch the tutorial! This is a really easy game but even the easiest thing can be hard if you don't know how it works!